The Perfect Caribbean Vacation.

Here are some few reasons why..


Moonrise at Moonhole is perhaps one of the best vacation values available in the Grenadine Islands. Check our rates!


A completely unique vacation experience, comfortably secluded from other visitors, yet only minutes from the beach.

Private Staff

Included are the services of our wonderful staff led by my housekeeper / cook, who takes pride in spoiling our guests.

A Vacation of A Lifetime

About Moonhole

The iconic "Moonhole House" was designed and built by Tom and Gladdie Johnston in the 1960's. They built their home under an enormous rock arch known as Moonhole. They created an architectural wonder from stone, driftwood, whalebones, and sea shells. Today the home can only be viewed from the sea, and there are no public tours. "Moonrise" is built in the spirit of "Moonhole" and shares the same connection to the natural beauty of land and sea.