About Moonrise at Moonhole

Originally a handful of private houses built for friends of Tom and Gladdie Johnston, the founders and architects of Moonhole, Moonrise now comprises about fourteen homes. After the death of Gladdie Johnston, we formed a Homeowner’s Association to help maintain the houses and the natural beauty of our unique location. A few of us rent our homes as we continue to work and are unable to spend the entire winter on Bequia (much as we would like to!)
Bequia is not developed like some other Caribbean destinations. There are no golf courses, casinos or cinemas. Rather, Bequia has unspoiled charm, beauty and friendliness. Its people are independent and proud of their sea-faring history. It is one of the last few islands where whaling is permitted, limited to two whales a year caught by harpoons hand thrown by men in sailboats. Bequia has excellent restaurants, interesting shops, several beautiful beaches for swimming, a tennis court, diving, snorkeling and sailing. The island has resisted large-scale tourism. Cruise ships visiting the harbor are limited both by number and by size. Tourists are accommodated in small hotels, apartments, and rental homes. Bequia is a mecca for sailors, and the yachting crowd anchors in Port Elizabeth, a spacious harbor.

About Moonhole

The iconic “Moonhole House” was designed and built by Tom and Gladdie Johnston in the 1960’s. They built their home under an enormous rock arch known as Moonhole. They created an architectural wonder from stone, driftwood, whalebones, and sea shells. Today the home can only be viewed from the sea, and there are no public tours. “Moonrise” is built in the spirit of “Moonhole” and shares the same connection to the natural beauty of land and sea.
The house, including the housekeeper/cook rents for different amounts per week depending on the number of people. Food and beverages are your responsibility. They can be purchased for you at the Homeowners Association store, and you will be billed prior to your departure, or you can purchase your own provisions at the harbor. We usually purchase the ingredients for your arrival dinner and first breakfast for you at the store, so as to have food and beverages on hand, and after that you can discuss your needs with my housekeeper who will be happy to help.

If you wish, you can rent a car at the harbor, and park it at the Moonhole gates. Otherwise, you can use taxis. The dollar taxi is available at Paget Farm, a ten-minute walk from the gates. Our driver will pick you up at the airport or the ferry terminal upon your arrival and deliver you to Moonhole for a small fee.

There are lots of things to do on Bequia, historical sites and artists’ studios to visit as well as the various activities already mentioned. There are also several fun day trips – a snorkeling trip aboard a real Bequia built schooner, the “Friendship Rose”, or a day charter to Mustique, home of Mick Jagger, Princess Margaret and the famous Basil’s Bar. Some people just prefer to spend their days basking in the sun on “Moonrise’s” deck, watching the yachts sail by, relaxing with a good book – all without interruption by the phone or television. No matter what your preferences, the Moonhole experience is unlike any resort in the Caribbean. The houses and their gardens harmonize with the beautiful terrain and flora of the setting. The views of the sea and other Grenadine islands are breathtaking. It’s a vacation in paradise!

To Make A Reservation

Rental rates are very competitive, and discounts may be available. Please call 1-504-899-6936 evenings or e-mail info@moonholecompany.com with the number of guests, your desired vacation dates and from where you are traveling.