Getting to Bequia

Getting here is easy! Bequia can be reached from a number of Caribbean islands. The most popular are Barbados (BGI), Grenada (GND) and Trinidad (POS). Barbados offers the most daily connecting flights to Bequia (BQU) and St. Vincent (SVD). Connections are also available from Martinique (FDF), Antigua (ANU), St. Lucia (SLU) and San Juan Puerto Rico (SJU).

By Plane

Flight time from Barbados to Bequia is about 35 minutes. The last daily flight into Bequia Airport always leaves Barbados at 4:30 pm EST. Return flights depart Bequia at 10:50 am EST. Or, you may choose air connection to St. Vincent on LIAT airlines from where you can travel by the local ferry to Bequia.

Airlines servicing Bequia from Barbados & St. Lucia:

Airlines servicing St. Vincent from Barbados & Antigua:

Use any of the popular airline ticketing websites such as:

By Ferry

Three ferry companies service into Bequia from St. Vincent; Admiralty Transport, Jaden Sun Fast Ferry, and Bequia Express. Fares for the ferry service are about US$7.50 one way and US$13 roundtrip. The last ferry departs for Bequia from St. Vincent at 6:00 pm EST. Private ferry service is also available for groups whose flights get in after the departure of the last ferry for an additional charge.


Exactly where is Moonrise?

Moonrise is a twenty minute taxi ride from the ferry terminal in the harbor, and a five-minute ride from the airport. A private community encompassing one end of the island, it is comfortably secluded, with houses built into a steep, rocky ridge, open to the elements and to spectacular views. The refrigerators, stoves and irons are powered by propane gas, while solar panels generate power for the lighting and charging of portable devices. Internet is available at the harbor, and WiFi is available at the Moonhole office.

Moonrise is about 160 feet above sea level, high enough to catch the trade winds, keep the temperature pleasant and refreshing even during the summer months and minimize the presence of insects. Visitors arrive at the Moonhole gates by taxi, and from there reach the house via a network of stone paths that connect the community. Our staff carry up baggage and all supplies for the house.

To Make A Reservation

Rental rates are very competitive, and discounts may be available. Please call 1-504-899-6936 evenings or e-mail with the number of guests, your desired vacation dates and from where you are traveling.